on my desk::

Just popping in to say Hello.. and see how things on your end are going. The weather here has been very cold. Hoping there is some sign of spring real soon. The past few days have been sunny which makes me want to nest, organize and of course shoot some pics of random stuff. That's always the case when lighting opportunities arise. It's dreamy and I can't wait to choose my prop or in this case desk accessories with a handful of wax flowers from the market. Aren't they sweet? I'm waiting for those little buds to open so dainty and very purple. I've been a busy bee lately. Working on a little project that I will share with all of you in the next few weeks. I have two #findings posts also coming soon.Yes, I didn't forget. If you want to share your biz on my blog.. go for it! Send me an email. Lastly, I just wanted to thank you all for making me smile, chuckle and sigh everyday on Instagram. Love seeing so much creativity in one place just amazing and super fun too. Time for me to get settled in. You know.. pj's and tea would be nice. Till next post- Liz


just because the moment was right::

Because sometimes the bottom of a serving bowl looks prettier in the morning light. A seldom moment in my kitchen deserving of a photograph. It has been an extremely bitter cold morning. I'm grateful for a warm home and pray for those whom don't have this luxury called heat. We've been tackling the ice situation with salt so, happy we did. Hubby has been joking around with the weather forecast telling me there is more snow coming.. really? yeah crazy man. For now, it's lizlovesvintage camp with staples like a heated blanket, soup and strawberries with whipped cream.. in that order. Hope your winter days are filled with warmth. Another findings post in the works. Back to the kitchen area to square things away while the boys are gone. xoxo Liz


fourcornersdesign on findings::

We all have one thing in common, junking. Please welcome multimedia Artist, Blogger, Junker- Amy Duncan from Four Corners Design on Etsy. Four Corners Design features vintage art cards and petite prints created by mixing odds and ends fused with digital photography. Amy's eye for detail is evident in every collage she creates. A junker at heart, Amy's creativity can be also seen on her blog: Four Corners Design where her endless creativity soars. Have you seen her latest floral inspiration project? You can also find Amy Duncan's style on FB, Pinterest and Instagram. I love her mix of ephemera represented here in this collage, "His eye is on the sparrow."

A big thanks to Amy Duncan for sharing her love of the arts with all of us here on #findings. Be sure to look her up when you have a few. Have an inspiring week. Till next time on #findings. Thanks for spreading the word. Liz


be simple, be still::

Simplicity. I adore those who have it, whom can decorate around it, wear it, say it, swear by it, achieve it, get lost in it. Craving simplicity myself these days. I'm playing along with the lovely Kim Klassen #mystillsundaycompetition on Instagram this evening. Stop on over and play along.


farmhouse swag on findings::

Hi there,
I'm pleased to introduce you to yet another online retailer Painted Fox on findings. Owned and operated by two close lifelong friends Christine Hebbring and Jen Murray. Painted Fox an extension of their love and commitment for their own families was created out of a desire to live their dream in the business sector. Specializing in farmhouse decor Painted Fox has an inventory comprised of antiques and vintage reproductions. Their mission? Is to offer unbeatable and ever changing eclectic selection of farmhouse treasures to their shoppers. Isn't that very enticing? Check out their page for sales too. How about adding a touch of Farmhouse swag to your home or wardrobe. A big thanks to Christine and Jen for sharing a little snippet of what inspires them. You can find this retailer on FB, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Tell the gals, Liz sent you.


be still::

The winter months certainly have been lingering on. I'm ready for spring in a big way. Aren't you? If you are on Instagram I suggest you follow and play along with these very talented ladies @Kim Klassen #mystillsundaycompetition @Emily Quinton #floralfridaycompetition. You'll be inspired for sure especially on days like this. I love the challenge and if you're like me go for it. I'll be looking for you on instagram. Stay warm and cozy. Great day to work on yet another findings post. Till next time- Liz


a little bee vintage redux on findings::

Welcome to yet another great findings post! Without further adieu I would like to introduce you to yet another talented friend of mine and kindred spirit Heather Breyer. Now, let's talk vintage. Influenced by her family, Heather's meager beginnings started at an early age because of a life long love affair with vintage hunting. She carried that love beside her to adulthood and started a small business Bee Vintage Redux shop on etsy. Saving a well put together collection of odds and ends paved the way to re purposing vintage finds. Old things certainly influenced her style without a doubt. You will swoon over her lovely assortment of jewelry pieces and useful home goods. Be inspired by her lovely blog: Oh Bee and her creative mindset.  Thanks Heather for sharing with all of us your beautiful vintage creations. For more links on where to shop vintage redux and browse look in the #findings tab conveniently located above this post. Have a terrific weekend. Best, Liz