Blogging 101

Hello Friends!
I have been wanting to Blog for awhile now, Finally I'm here. Hooray! There might be some bumps along the way,but hey I Can do this right? But first, I need to introduce myself.My name is Elizabeth Hanley. I live Upstate, N.Y. Married and have three children.Yup, Three! One left living home. Then ,my Husb. and I will be empty nesters.Ha, Ha can't wait! For now, I'm happy living in my little Ranch in N.Y.
My addiction, passion is Vintage! Come Spring ,I'm at the local thrift shop hunting for finds. Flea Markets, Estate Sales, Tag Sales I'm there. Coffee in hand, Dollars to spend. I'm on cloud nine! So come with me on my adventures near and far. Thanks for reading!

Hugs, Liz



well Ms Liz... welcome to the world of blogging.. you will get the blogging bug.. careful it can be very addicting at first it's a whole new world.. now you will need a banner, an etsy, a facebook, a twitter, a website, oh am I missing anything?
Have fun/ xo Laura

Anonymous said...

never new you had an interest in blogging. I am glad to see someone in the family has a talent for this virtual world we live. LOL

Becky said...

Hey Liz...I went to the Dutchess Flea market today Zack didn't find one flea to buy he was upset. But I found lotsa stuff for you to look at. We bought a few vintage things one I know you will love. The flea market is on all day tomorrow too!