Going To The Flea

Woke up to a cloudy morning and chilly I might add.Then,I received a call. My Friend, Stephanie asked me if I would like to go to the Rhinebeck Flea.You know what my answer was YES!!We always have fun rummaging for finds.Vintage Jewelery, Milk glass,Books, Bottles are some of my interests.Anything old that has a story to tell.Like one of the vendors today.A old man selling his Wife's precious jewels.He said he purchased each one of them for her! Suddenly,My heart sank.Is she dead I thought? When I asked him for prices he said," My Wife will be right back!" Oh my, what a relief.Then, off I went to rummage some more.Flea Markets are filled with interesting people.The people have stories to tell and I have a ear for listening to them.
My finds today included: 5 Vintage Necklaces, A Vintage pin,A Vintage hair pin, A cute new resin bird, A French/ English Dictionary Free!! Did I tell you
I am going to FRANCE. One day!!!
Back to doing laundry. Bye for now.
Hugs, Liz

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Anonymous said...

Yes...Yes...it was a fine day indeed!