I picked these lilacs today for You guys in Blog Land.Don't you just love fresh flowers? My kitchen smells so great with the lilac scent.The weather Upstate, NY. has been so unpredictable.I didn't dare go to my fave nursery and buy any perennials as of yet.Believe it or not ,I have a Black thumb. My Children joke about it.When Mother's Day rolls around. The kids ask me what I would like for myself. Again, I say flowers.They Laugh and comment," Mom you will kill it!" Ha, Ha! So, they are right.I still try, try my best.To the extent of going to Lowe's and buying off the discounted rack. It's comical but, true.Can't wait till they ask me this year. I think I''ll say a Landscaper! Enjoy the weekend doing something you enjoy.

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Liz you have the eye of a photographer..just like Michelle...great pics.. You're having fun with your blog..I've added it to the ones I check almost everyday...Yay!