Friends Are Forever

I just thought this Vintage postcard sums up my thoughts for today. Friends!!!
I have meet so many fabulous people, thus far while blogging. I just wanted in some way to acknowledge them and their constant inspiration.In a discussion awhile back to a Friend about the Internet and my new love, " BLOGGING". Her thoughts exactly were about people becoming more isolated in their homes on the computer. Not getting out and about, socializing with friends. Me!! not a social butterfly? Well, I disagree totally. I'm here loving every minute and want to thank all of you!! Cheers to my new Friends.You guys are so amazing, talented, and are certainly a pleasure to talk to!! Without you, this blog would not be possible. I don't feel isolated. I feel like I'm right where I belong. Here......
Thanks again for the beginnings of a new Friendship!!
Liz from LizlovesVintage

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Mermaids of the Lake said...

I agree! I have made some wonderful friends through this Internet experience. I love sharing in this way. Now, I am off to spend the day with some friends in person! Have a wonderful weekend. Beautiful post card.

Mermaid Debbie