Treasures and Trinkets

Passing some Farms along the way..

I've been searching so long for a Milk Glass Pitcher and Glass Set. Finally, on Saturday I found one.Along with a old lamp, 3 tier wire baskets, a Victorian trinket
box, lamp shade, felt bag, old picture, and some lace. I have a project in mind for the wide lace. Details to follow,as I need more supplies.I love it when I hit the jackpot at yard sales. A Saturday drive in the countryside. A bright sunny day. No plans, just a Woman on a mission.Oh yes, can't forget Hubby tagged along! One more vaca day. Ugh!! How I hate that! Have a great Monday. Hugs, Liz


Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Hi Liz!!!
Wow girl, I'm so happy that you found me and led me back here to your beautiful blog.
(even though as I read the first post here, I'm already all jealous haha)
Seriouly, you found some awesome goodies! Love that old wire basket and I'm sure you are so thrilled with your milk glass set! wooo hooo!

Can't wait to see all your vintage postcards...let me know when you have them up and running :)

So nice to meet you friend!!!!!

LizlovesVintage said...

Hi Jodie,
Glad I found you! your blog is so creative, I'm inspired.Thanks for such kind words! I really thought nobody was even looking. Nice to meet you also!Hugs, Liz