Baby Doll Pink

Hi Ladies, Welcome to Pink Saturday! It's all about Pink today as you know. Don't you just love these Vintage doll clothes? Great find at the Thrift Barn in Poughkeepsie, NY. I found them when I walked in the door. Two boxes full, mostly handmade with lots of love. I wish I knew the owner who donated them or the stories they have to tell. I'm sure there was countless hours of role playing in their home. I love the handmade sweater sets worn with age.I have to confess. My babies never had any clothes on them. They always were naked with chickenpox! Yup! I would draw many dots on my dollies, so they would have pox. Ha, Ha, Ha.So much for pretty articles of clothing!
Well Ladies, enjoy Pink Saturday. My dolly is crying and she needs a bottle. Just kidding! Thank You Beverly once again for organizing such a fun event.You can never get enough pink. Thanks for stopping by. Stop by more often! Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Liz


viridian said...

Love your button post below, too!
Happy Pink Saturday, and have a good weekend!

mercedes said...

These pink dolly clothes are so sweet! I really enjoyed everything on your blog... will back soon for another visit :) mercedes