It's All About Home

Lately, I've been thinking. You certainly don't have to be a Blogger to check out other peoples homes, nor get ideas and inspiration. So, I surf the web high and low. Blog after Blog. Magazine after magazine.I get frustrated with my own style in my Home. I really hit a road block every time when I want to redecorate. It is a overload of style and people telling you the rules.At the moment, Shabby chic is my friend. I'm a collector so it fits in. Who says Shabby Chic is out? I really don't care. You see the decor police strikes again. Who cares I say! It's what you like anyway, right? Right? So, away with some stuff. Yup! I've been SLOWLY weeding out Primitive... Welcome Shabby, Cottage, Romantic, French, Country Style. See I told you. I have a real problem on my hand. I like everything. Oh, if it's Vintage even better.Here is to your design dilemmas. Hope you don't need rehab like me. Make your Home a portrait of yourself. A expression of who you are and what you love. Here are some pics. Home is where your heart is. Have a Happy September. Hugs, Liz

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Tricia - A Rosy Note said...

I totally agree, your home should be an expression of you! I love looking at magazines and blogs for ideas though, it helps me figure out what I like and what I don't like.

Best wishes :)