Winter is Here and So Is Cath Kidston

Brr... It's getting cold outside. I was happily surprised when I came home from work today.
The new catalog from Cath Kidston was in my mailbox. Now you can shop in the USA girls. Yay, finally!
I've been waiting for this day to come along.  Xmas items are also in the catalog. Love the apron below!
               In the wks. to come, I'll be busy getting ready for the Holiday Craft fair. I started some projects
and now they need my attention. My Gallbladder has been giving me grief. I have been back and forth to the Dr.tests, tests and more tests. So, my Blogging or lack there of has been put on the back burner. Sorry Guys!

 To be continued, till I hear more from the Dr. Now, I'm on a low fat diet.Maybe, I'll loose a pound or two. That will be a miracle. No pain right now, thank you God. Bear with me, while I get my head on straight. Busy week ahead. See you on White Wednesday. :)
Very Vintage inspired, wouldn't you agree?
                                                                   xxx Hugs, Liz


Claudia said...

liz, sorry to hear about your gall bladder - but glad you're feeling a bit better!


LizlovesVintage said...

Thank you Claudia! I just sent you an email;)
Hugs, Liz

Jen - Earth Angels said...

ooohh that apron love it too
hope you are feeling better xxoxox

GailinVirginia said...

OH, I want to follow you for your lovely vintage blog...so sorry to hear of your gall bladder problem; mine sent me to the hospital as a suspected heart attack...I, personally, have no recollection of it; but my two daughters who were vacationing with me remember it well!!
Sending you warm thoughts and hoping you get your results back soon and get help.
Take care,