Pine Cones and Memories

            A  Happy Hanukkah to all my Jewish Friends! I was excited to receive a package from my Mom in the mail, on Monday. She sent me loads of pine cones from the sunshine state, Florida. I request them every year so my students can glitter them for the Holidays.They are huge! Really huge! There is something about them that makes me feel like Christmas is here or almost on it's way.I hesitated this year when the package arrived. I didn't open it right away and became sad. When my kids were little, Mom's package added so much excitement in our home when it arrived. Who would open it first or who would distribute the goodies inside. The kids are grown now and Mom's package is left at the door just  for me. But, I do hold those memories inside. " Mom, Nanny's package is here! " Can I open it?"  "Now!" " Please!" " I can't wait till my Brother gets home." Giggle..... Priceless.
            Do you have any fond memories of Christmas past? A gift that was special to you or someone that made your Holiday bright. Please share your Christmas past. I would love to hear.
                                                                         Peace and Joy,


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