My homework assignment from The Skinny- Mini eCourse. Yeah, it's going well. Lots to absorb though. Oh, and will I remember? Hum. A big thanks to Kim for holding this class online. So great to be able to do photo shop in the comforts of my own Home. I need to practice as you can see.
                               I'm changing the subject. On the Blog Guidebook there is a beautiful 2011 calender you can download for free from,The Graphics Fairy. Check it out. The graphics are amazing.
                               A big Congratulations to Janis from Rust and Ruffles!
                YOU Won the 10th Day of Vintage Giveaway! You won my
      BLACK/ WHITE Vintage pin from my Collection. Hooray!!! Email me your address, Please. Wear it in good health. Enjoy! I'll be sending it out during the week.
                           Well guys that's my stuff for now. Let's see how much stuff I can get accomplished around here. Thanks for stopping by.. Have a super weekend.
                                                                                                        Hugs, Liz

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{the vintage wren} said...

Hi Liz...I feel bad that I haven't been over in a while. I've been so terribly busy. Great job on your Photoshop, I could use a little brushing up myself I may have to check out these classes. I'm so in love with your old Santa in your sidebar...do tell me about his story...he's fabulous. Reading back through some of your posts, I love the pin you gave away, and the affair with Bob..too funny. Hugs, Carrie