She's At My Window ::

My Love, she's at my window, like a raven with a broken wing.
                                                 - Bob Dylan

                     Brr.. a bitter cold day today. These crows in the apple orchards, didn't mind. As, I stopped my car to photograph them. The crows began to caaw, caaw. I thought all birds flew south for the winter? Single digits tonight. As we speak , can you believe it's 1 degree outside? I hope these crows stay warm, in the trees above.I wish I had some heated blankets to cover them. Ha, Ha! Stay warm birdies.
                    Have a great weekend, my fine feathered friends.


Anonymous said...

LOVE THIS!! The quote, the photos, beautiful!!!
Oh..wait....did you say 1 degree? One? Uno?
Holy Smokes Batman that is COLD!!! I'm going to stop complaining about temps in the 20s and 30s now. ;) Stay warm girlie!!! BRRRR!

Leslie said...

Good to know I'm not the only one that stops and takes pictures of birds in trees! Nice shots!