My Thoughts In A Jar ::

                       Happy New Year! As my day started in this New Year. I was reminded of an article in a magazine I read, months before. This article was about a Mother who had several children. Everyday, she would put her thoughts on paper,a  napkin, even a discarded cashier slip she had on hand. Hoping God would listen to her thoughts and come to her rescue. Some of her messages were for family, friends and people she didn't even know. Like a family member's friend who was going through financial problems, because of a lay off. A thought would go into her thought box. If I remember correctly, it was only a shoebox. For example: " God,  Please find Harry a job! " Nothing more. Mind you, she didn't even know Harry.
                     As time went on, this Woman grew old and went in a nursing home. The box was discovered by her Daughter, while cleaning out her closet. Years of messages, words, feelings about life and hope. Her Daughter couldn't believe she wrote to God everyday. Silently, and no one knew of this.Can you imagine?

                     She was so touched in reading all her notes. Memories she will hold on forever. I was touched also. I laugh ted, I cried, I weep ed. Mind you in the Dr.'s office waiting patiently, to be seen by my primary. As I read on. I wonder now, if anyone was watching me. Hum?
                     I started a Thought Jar, today. Let's see if I can continue on  her same path. As this woman, who I call ''Margret''did. LOVE. My first thought for the thought jar today.More thoughts to come in the New Year.
                     LOVE grows....
                                                                                                                 Good Wishes,
                                                                                                                       xxx  Liz


Pam said...

Great idea about the jar and a good 1st thought for it. I'm picturing you crying in waiting room. It's a wonder the doctor didn't prescribe an anti-depressant!

Shirley said...

Lovely post. Sharing the jar was perfect for New Year post..I'm now thinking I need to pray for someone daily...
Happy New Year!
Shirley (and Cupid)

{the vintage wren} said...

What a great Idea, I've heard that story somewhere before. I think it's a fabulous way to keep up with our special thoughts and prayers. I may have to borrow this idea. Happy New Year sweet friend. Hugs-Carrie