Romantic Homes Inquiry::

Photo by: Elizabeth Hanley
                          Yesterday, Romantic Homes Magazine asked Viewers what they Collected? In response, LizlovesVintage said, " I collect Vintage Jewelery, linen, ironstone and books."
                           Then, I made this statement. " I know it seems much."
                           Lots of Vintageness .... My new word. Is there a definition for Vintageness in Webster's Dictionary?                                                                                                                                                                                        

                          Then, later in the evening.  It dawned on me......
                  I don't even know what my Viewers Collect?
       Yeah, I know. I collect more than listed above. Add hats, bottles, post cards, milk glass, trinket boxes, ribbon, glass ornaments, doilies, ephemera. I think I touched base on everything. I'll get back to you.

                                        A True Collector :)

               Now, I'm dying to know. What do you collect? Are you a true Collector or just getting started?
              OK, I shared. Your turn...
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                                                 Liz :)



I am like you, just about everything. I voted on your side bar, however I could of put a check in all the boxes. Have a great day. HUGS MARY

Pam said...

Silver, childrens books, makeup compacts, pitchers, bowls and just about anything else I run across that catches my eye. Weirdly, I don't have a huge collection of any one item, but lots of small collections.

Into Vintage said...

I have a small collection of vintage white pottery vases shaped like urns and my 'rule' is they have be priced $1 or less (this helps keep the hoarding to a minimum). I also have a huge 'working' collection of vintage textiles that I sew with and a smaller collection that I use in my home. My biggest collection is the one that's most rarely used -- vintage Christmas!

LizlovesVintage said...

Thanks everyone!! I'm so glad we all share the same pastime. Collecting :)
xxx Liz

Anonymous said...

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