More Postcard Show...



                                          The postcard show was a first for me. I've always wanted to go but, for some reason or another you know, it never happened. Well, there were serious Collectors here. What I didn't know and was about to learn. There is postcard etiquette. Oops!! No wonder why the elderly lady that I was sharing her box of cards with, moved her chair closer to her Daughter. I said, " I hope you don't mind that  we  share?"  Hesitantly, she replied " Yes. " I share I thought. I work with preschoolers. I didn't dare tell her that. The Woman's Daughter said, " My Mom doesn't even share with me." Wow!
                                         To make a long story short. A Gentleman at the last booth gave me some information. So long there is no marker in a box with a person close by, it's up for grabs. Who new? Yikes!!  No wonder, I got a dirty look in booth # 2. Hands off the Merchandise!!  Sorry!!  Ha, Ha. I didn't mean it. I guess there are rules for everything. Even at postcard shows. I had a blast. Hopefully, I'll be back again next year.
                                                           Have a wonderful week.
                                                                                          xxx Liz


Shirley said...

Dear Liz...I say the heck with rules..if you dont have the box in your hands then it's for anyone with the mighty dollar.. No way..fair game...marker or not..if the box is being held than you have the box..if not..get a grip..
hahhaaha...I am a serious card collector and will not be RULED upon..

Pam said...

I never knew that rule. I guess I'm lucky they never kicked me out of the antique shows then. Come to think of it a guy gave me dirty looks last month and I do think I was pawing in the same box he was looking at. The cat postcards are absolutely adorable. And I just got the CATS kill joke! Cute.

My Blessed Serendipity Life said...

I am loving all those kitty postcards. I wouldn't of known about the post card etiquette either.


Linda said...

Great postcards! I've only been to one show, but loved it!

Into Vintage said...

I've never been to a postcard show so I would have been making a mess of the rules all over the place! I love Shirley's comment! :-)