White & Gray ::

                 If these walls could Talk!

  This poor old church has seen better days. I wonder why these things have to happen in the first place?
  Well, I can tell you after my crazy 2 weeks. I can clearly see why. On the home front, everything has been breaking.I mean everything.
From well pump to coffee maker. I sure hope this week will be a  better one here.
       Funny how things all work out.... See the new WHITE background? I think this will be the best choice for me. They say the Bigger the Better.
              We will have to see....
   About that.
     On the Blog front, my One year Anniversary is approaching this month. Hum, Do I hear a Giveaway coming.... Maybe! I'll keep you posted.

 I hope you have a wonderful week. Keurig is making me some coffee. Thanks for stopping by. You never know what will happen next around here. It's all Good.


 PS.  Please leave me a comment about the White background. I hope you like it ;)                    
                      Change is Good, I think?



Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Love the weathered white church....I think the white background is great and appreciate the large font too! Take care,:)


I love the old building, wish it were mine, I would love to make it happy. I understand how you feel about things breaking, it seems the body is the same way......I am finding it is harder to get back in shape after working in the yard and home on the weekends, my joints and back do not like the angles I put them thru. I like the new background. Have a good week. HUGS MARY

Pam said...

That church is amazing! I love to run across old buildings in disrepair. It makes me want to fix them up. I'm a dork because I can't remember what your other backround was, but the white is nice.

time worn interiors said...

OMGoodness! I LOVE that church! I long to buy up something like that and make it my home and business! Is there anyway you could tell me where this church is? Hope so!

I like the white background! but I always like things simple!