Rain, Rain, Go Away::

   I am so sick of rain, aren't you? I have a long list of to do's outside and the weather is not cooperating. Seeds to plant, items to photograph for the shop, mulch to mulch, deck chairs to clean. Did I mention more weeding? Again! In the meantime, I guess I'll wait and do other things. Like geese watching, at the creek nearby my home. Here's hoping you have a great sunny weekend. I'll post some pics of the Earth Angel's  event next week. I'm so excited to be attending.
                                                                       Take Care,


Jane said...

It's a rainy day here today....supposed to be tomorrow too. I really need to paint my son's bedroom so this might be the weekend to do it!
Have a great weekend.

A Cottage Muse said...

It's been raining ALL week here!
However, the sun will SHINE on Sunday for my daughter's graduation!

Linda said...

We had a couple of inches today, too...and it's thunderstorming as I write! Everything will sure be green anyway!