Sing Ye Birds.. Sing

The Mama robin. Waiting to feed her young under my deck. She knows I've been spying on her since, I came home from work today. I figured after taking some photos and checking out those babes. I better leave her to do her feeding. I counted 6 in the nest. I must be wrong. That seems like a lot. The hole is narrow, so it's hard to see accurately.
I'm so glad this week is moving along. I have so many things to do on my to do list. You know that growing list, that just keeps on growing. That doesn't include blogging. Darn!  Have a good evening.


My Blessed Serendipity Life said...

I love watching the robins too. Cute photo.


The Cranky Queen said...

Love the image of the egg in the rusty soap holder...Tiffany

Jeanine Burkhardt said...

Liz... That chippy... rusty... crusty... HOLDER is 2-Die-4!*!*! Love how you displayed the broken egg shell in it!
Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

Pam said...

My robin's nest is on top of the downspout so I can't see what's going on. It was so much more fun last year when I had one that I could see with the binoculars!