Faded Plains ::

                   Autumn is Here...... in the Hudson Valley, Yippee!
                Sometimes a photographer has to quickly make that shot, before she gets into deep trouble. The sign at the entrance to this Farm said, " No one allowed beyond this point." Well, I did to a degree. Isn't this Farm beautiful? I can't tell you how many Farms in my area were hit hard by Irene. Crops ruined and destroyed. The flats in a nearby town lost all their pumpkins and crops. So this is my "Ode" to the Farms and the Farmers who work hard to make a living daily. Without them fruits and veggies would be a figment of our imagination. Thank you... for the harvest.
                     I love the Fall in The Valley. I wish you could see how lovely it truly is.
   Have a wonderful week.
                                                                        xxx Liz


Jane said...

What a gorgeous shot! Fall is such a beautiful season!!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I love the fields when they have just mown the hay and it lies in big rolls. They'll start doing that around here next week or as soon as we can get a few days of dry weather. Happy Day to you Liz. xo