Jadite Love::

                                          I bet you didn't know...
                                                  that I am fond of Jadite!
               Or.. is Jadite fond of me?
              Treasure seekers know sometimes
       it's just meant to be. Perfect or not. If you like it that's all what matters. Exactly! So, if you would like to have it without the lid. Stop by LizlovesVintage on Etsy. I will be pleased to gift wrap it and send it to your home for a mere shipping fee.
You guessed it. I'm working from home today because of flooding in my area.
   Hope everything is dry where you are. Keep safe!
                          Till next time..
                             xxx Liz


Pam said...

Gorgeous photos. Just love the color of the apple against the jadite. I will check out your etsy site. Haven't been there lately.

Anonymous said...

oh love it..i only have one piece of jadite but just love it!!
hope you are drier now than a few days ago!
shabby mama