Country Roads ::

         Hubby and I traveled some country roads this weekend. Give or take, a cow or two. We passed some old tattered barns with grungy patinas and many a sign selling hay or straw. With several stops to Antique markets, Consignments and Yard sales.
         The pint mason jars were one of many purchases of the day. Including extra zinc lids, a fine oil print, a box of games and yummy tomatoes from the Farmer's market.
          I almost scored on a perfect farm table for the office. A gentleman said it was ten dollars. Until, his niece found out. Then, the price became $50.00. Hum, some mistake? I think she really wanted that farm table for herself. I can't blame her. It was a great find. Apologies accepted. I really wanted that table!!! Oh, well. You win some and you loose some sometimes. I guess!!
         I have to say I did win. My Hubby and I had a wonderful ride in the country. Now, that's a happy ending. I do say so myself. I Hope you had a wonderful weekend.
                                                                     xxx Liz

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time worn interiors said...

You should have whipped out the $50! She would have been surprised!