Poncho Coats::

                                         Vintage Fashion For Fall: 
                Ponchos ... for Fall are warm and cozy. This one is made by: Mardel Ideal. 100% Wool, Brown and Cream plaid. One size fits all. I'm adding this one to my Etsy shop shortly. In perfect condition with a reversible feature. Cream color on the reverse side.Why not make this that one essential piece in your wardrobe for Fall ? Or, maybe a Christmas gift. For that special someone, on your list this year!
            Email me, if you have any questions. I will upon request, do a layaway plan.
                                 Have a great week :)
                                                                       xxx Liz


Jane said...

That is an awesome poncho (and a great photo too!)
Love the pear pics in the previous post!!

Pam said...

I remember ponchos from when I was a kid. They were popular when I was in Elementary school. Am I allowed to love the train case in the photo too?