The Real Truth About Blogging::

            Do you have some time?
                I just wanted to take a moment and get some things off my chest about blogging and my Blog.
                For those Friends who are new Welcome! It is a rare moment here on LizlovesVintage that you will ever hear my opinion about anything other than Vintage. I really want all my followers to be happy with their experiences here. I want to be clear about my blogging world that needs some explanation. Ready?
               I started my Blog for several reasons. I really loved blog hopping and seeing such creativity on the web. This sparked an interest and I began to think of creating my own. Also, after a long day at work it became a stress reliever. Yeah, yoga is good. Believe me I tried! Blogging stuck... and it is free.
              Way back when, before I started blogging. I spoke to Jo Pack ham about a plan. I told her first that I wanted to start a Blog. Her words were brief. "Liz it will be a FT. job she said."
She was so very right. Here I am a year later... 
               I'm not afraid of work. Especially, when it's fun. But, work comes with disappointment also. Days when you have nothing to Blog about. Days when you have had a bad day. So, on and so forth.... So, that's why my Blog is about many things but, mostly of a Vintage theme. I try to mix it up alittle when I can. Or, when inspiration comes a knocking.
              Do you follow my Blog? Do you leave a comment every time you stop in? Thank You from the bottom of my heart. But, if you don't that's OK too. I understand. Life goes on. I can't tell you how many times I check my personal faves and don't leave a comment for some reason or another. I try..... but, sooner or later. I will :)
             With commenting there is feedback and Questions. My followers take time to leave comments. Do I respond to them? I read every comment. On occasions I do my best reply to all questions. If I haven't I am truly sorry. I do my best to respond to all. Thanks for leaving me a comment. I love what you have to say! I Do!
            Giveaways, Giveaways are fun for everyone! Yet, I will never ask anyone to follow me here on LizlovesVintage as part of a Giveaway. This doesn't appeal to me. I want my Followers to like me for who I am and what I'm about. Not part of a Giveaway to get Followers. Nor, Follow me and I'll Follow You.. Sorry, that's not my style.
          Blogging has etiquette. With etiquette their is rules. Rules about leaving nice comments to fellow bloggers are a MUST. Be respectful always :)
          Family is private to me. Photos of Family can be copied without permission. It's the web. So, I will never post any pics here about my Family. Nor, is it OK to take my photos without permission and post them on any site! Please ask me for permission first. It's just a formality. Thanks :)
         Well I've said enough for one day. This is a LONG post. Sorry, if I offended anyone. Blogging is a fun hobby. I have met so many people from all over the states and abroad. Thanks for stopping by. I hope this is my last long post for a long time. Peace, Love, Vintage.


My Blessed Serendipity Life said...

So glad you love to blog and that is one very good reason to keep on blogging. I always enjoy visiting you, even when you have an opinion :)


My Blessed Serendipity Life said...

I just wanted to let you know my word verification was "junke". How ironic was that? LOL


LizlovesVintage said...

xxx Liz

BumbleBeeLane said...

Liz~ I don't always take the time to comment as life is busy and I just pop in and enjoy. I agree with so many of your points.Keep blogging on..smile..~Amy

Pam said...

Liz, I thought of you today when I posted another ridiculously long post and thought "Liz, never does posts this long, I need to be more consice". And here you go posting a long one :). I agree with your points though. When I started blogging I had no idea of all the rules and behind the scenes business dealings that went into some blogs. Sometimes it is nice to be naive.

Linda said...

I hear you, Liz...I keep a Blogging Without Obligation button on my sidebar. I blog when I have something to say, visit when I can, and try my best to answer comments. But real life happens...all the time! My blog is mostly business and vintage related...my family doesn't want to be on my blog, and I respect their wishes, even though I have often wanted to share the weddings and my cute grandchildren lol! But I think our blogs belong to us, to use as we wish...and others can follow or not, as they wish!

Susan said...

I just saw this post, too, while visiting for your wedding pretties. SO true! Blogging takes up more time than I should allow, but I always try to visit a visitor back. I'm the same way about giveaways - I never ask a reader to become a follower just to get a gift.
I don't care much about that follower 'number'. Your blog is great - thank you for sharing your vintage inspiration. :)
- Susan

Sue @ Miss Phoebes Perch said...

I just became a fan of your blog a few days ago, and have been reading your old posts, coming across this one today. Thank you for expressing what I have been thinking and keeping to myself. I started posting to a blog last August, and it has been without receiving much in the way of comments. I generally get a comment back only when I comment on another's blog. I thought about a giveaway, but unless spammers participate, I worry that "no one will come", and that will be worse than getting no comments, I too spend a lot of time posting, and feel that it is to an audience of zero. I try to comment on other's blogs, but don't want to seem like I am trying to draw viewers to my own. It is especially disheartening when I provide lots of free old photos for viewers to use in their art, often purchased by me at a high price, and never get a thank you. I will persevere a little longer and see what happens. Thank you so much for your insights Elizabeth! Sue