All That Glitters::

                          All that glitters is Gold... Well not to me. My Mom sends me pine cones every year from Florida. So, this year I'm sending them back all covered in Gold glitter.I couldn't help but, glitter some for myself also in Silver.
                                   Silver and Gold

                           What is your preference?
          The weekend goes all to fast. Doesn't it?
 While the boys will be boys. My Daughter and I are meeting for brunch and maybe do some Xmas shopping. I'm almost finished. I think!
I'll be back with my Saturday thrift shop finds and a Giveaway you'll love. Hint, hint.....
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               Have a relaxing Sunday ;)
                                                     xxx Liz
PS. The camera is fantastic :)


Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

So glad you are enjoying your camera!
Great images...pine cones..whether glittered or not are a classic element of the season!
Happy Shopping!

Sandie said...

I have been following you on Pinterest for some time now but I just discovered your blog! Glad to be a new follower of it also! Sandie

LizlovesVintage said...

Welcome, Sandie.
Thanks for the following ;)
xxx Liz

Pam said...

I like silver better I think. Love that adorable little reindeer guy too.

Into Vintage said...

I thought I was a 100% silver person but recently a little gold has been creeping in from time to time.

I must talk to Santa about a new camera... ;-)

A Cottage Muse said...

Hi Liz...I do love a little glitter on my pinecones too!

hometown girl said...

gotta love a glittered pinecone!! xo susan

Kriss said...

I'm glad I found your site via FB. I love vintage Christmas stuff!