Does This Look Like A Tree To You?

   I started cleaning and prepping for Christmas on Friday evening. Being so tired, even over tired as the minutes passed. I began putting things away. Would you believe Fall decor. Yes, I still had Fall decorations out. I couldn't get it together this year. I don't know why other then, no Xmas spirit? Go, figure. Can you relate?
My Hubby laughed and said, "You should decorate your mannequin, she can be your tree." Tree? What? He laughed. You see, for two years now we have had an artificial tree. Long, were the days of cutting down a charlie brown tree. I miss this tradition most, around the Holiday's. Life here is certainly different. I quess this happens to most when our children grow to adulthood. Things change... Traditions change too.
  When it comes to decorating these days.I like to keep it simple. Certain boxes are designated for Christmas in the attic. I keep on telling myself every year. Next year, I'm going through them all to declutter. Yeah, next year silly.
  So, Saturday came and finally I started unpacking the many ornaments. The handmade stocking appeared. A gift from a dear Friend. My creative wheels started turning..
  Just maybe, my Hubby had a good idea after all? Does it look like a fraser fir to you? Be honest now..........
The pins came in handy. What do you think?

   I guess I decorated, MY Tree. OK, I'm laughing now. Yes, the artificial tree is standing with little tinsel in the living room. Everything else, is complete for now. From the looks of things, my Blogging buddies are way ahead of me. Am, I right?
I still have more pics to show you. Stop by when you get a chance. Same place, Same time... Same Vintage channel ;)

                                                                 xxx Liz


Funky Junk Antique Show said...

Love the pins and the color scheme!! And I still need a vintage mannequin for my office=) Happy decorating!

Blessed Serendipity said...

I love your dress form and she looks FABULOUS with her Christmas stocking.


Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

LOve it.
I'm not one of those blogging buddies who is way ahead of you...I'm way behind.
Love that stocking and all that bling!

The Cranky Queen said...

What an adorable ticking stocking and love the brooches and pins...great idea. Tiff