Time Flies....

....when you're having fun. That's what this year for me has been about. Creativity, inspiration and lot's of pure fun. Following my heart when I wasn't so sure about myself. You know that old saying, " If at first you don't succeed. Try, try again." It's been a learning curve.Ups, downs and good stuff in between. Fleas, Giveaways, Etsy, Spell cks, Where Women Create, Artful Blogging, Taradara, The Mermaids of The Lake, Earthangelstoy's, Thrifting, Hackers, Woman haters ( I don't know if you read that comment?) Blogging etiquette and my unique ways of capturing wildlife while on the toilet. Ha, Ha, Ha. Thus, I came up with this photo. If you've been following along you would understand! What a great ending.... for a wonderful year. I haven't made my New Year's resolution yet.. but, my last year's one suits me just fine. I think I'll do a carry over. Can I do that? Hm? Keep on doing all the things I've never done before and have fun along the way. For, my Friends out in Blog land. I wish you the best of everything. A very Happy New Year 2012! I can't wait to show you more LizlovesVintage in the coming year.
Thank You for the following :)

See you in the New Year!
It's going to be a Good one... I just know it.
xoxo Liz

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Blessed Serendipity said...

And I can't wait to see what you have in store for 2012!


Linda said...

Wishing you a great 2012, too, Liz! Thanks for stopping by and entering my giveaway!

Revi said...

What a lovely illustration to your post title! Yummy texture and vintage goodness mixed with a little intelligent wit - what could be better?
Have a lovely new year - carry-over and all!

Cynthia said...

Best Wishes for an Awesome New Year!

Ana said...

I cannot wait to see what the new year has in store. Love the picture Liz. Wishing you the very best for the coming year and may it be as wonderful or more as the one before. Sending you a great big New Year's hug.

Hugs and Kisses,

Burlap Luxe said...

Liz thank you very much for the following that has taken place between us and the beautiful comments you have left :)

I am soulfully looking forward to all your beautiful creative photos and all that your design and create into the new year!

Happy New Year my friend.

A Cottage Muse said...

Happy New Year to you Liz!
It's been great fun following along with you and look forward to another year of inspiration!

Jody Battaglia said...

Hello Liz...I am strolling around some blogs today and I think yours is beautiful...You have great taste and a charming sense of style...
Happy 2012, Jody

elizabeth said...

Hi Liz...thanks for your comment on my 10 projects from 2011 post. The Christmas plates I got at Homegoods. They are Johnson Bros. from England. They also have them on Amazon but for a lot more than at Homegoods!

Geneva said...

Happy New Year Liz! I've enjoyed reading your blog these past few months, and am looking forward to your 2012 adventures. Your artful style, lovely photographs and amusing verbiage always make me smile. Have a Blessed Year!

Laura of said...

Wishing you and yours a wonderful New Year, too! By the way, I adore your photograph of the timely nest!