Silverware Patterns::

         I hope all is well with you in blogland. It was a busy week in general for me. Today, we had no school due to the few inches of snow we had over night. Yay for me, I'm not complaining. On my list of to do's for today was to do some research on flatware. Last weekends estate sale finds included: a full set of WM. Rogers premier flatware. Ecstatic about this find since, I've been searching for the President's pattern for awhile now. Home with hot sudsy water and they look shiny and new. Yeah, you can even see the photographer in the spoon pic above.Ha, Ha.
       Country living did an article on: America's Most Popular Silver Patterns in the November issue. Did you see it? Great resource for new collectors just starting to collect silver.
        Although, my everyday set is stainless. I was able to find the markings on the back and research pattern using E-How on the web. Also, I googled : photographs of Rogers Premier. This gave me the information immediately, I was looking for.
       Let's see if I have luck identifying my silver passed down from my Family. I'll post that info. at another time when, I get the facts.
       Do you have plans for this weekend? I'm headed to an indoor flea tomorrow. Early to bed for me.
         Have a great weekend everyone.

     PS.  As of today LizlovesVintage Visitors = 40,871
                  Thanks for visiting. I'm overwhelmed ;)

                                                                xxx Liz 


lisa Moran, Bilancia Designs said...

Hope you have a great time at the flea market tomorrow! I laughed when I saw the description of the buttons in your shop! Was that meant for me, by any chance??? (No white buttons) LOL LOL
Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm! xo

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Great find, Liz! Really, really pretty...and so fun to find something you've been hunting for! Have a great weekend!

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

I did see that article and if I recall, our family's sterling, Buttercup by Gorham was listed. Now, I have to go look again...do you see why I keep all those old magazines? This is a very pretty pattern and a great find. Good luck hunting in the morning...hey it is morning already! Have fun! :)

Pam said...

I saw that article on the silver patterns. The only full set of silverware I have is a very 60's cosmic/sputnik pattern - Gorham Stardust - that was my MIL's.