Foreign Doses Of Inspiration::

                            Where do you go for a daily dose of inspiration? I'm leaning towards foreign blogs myself these days. It's not that I dislike my Friends here in the states. It's the differences and similarities that I'm drawn to. The connection of my Dad's home abroad where, one day I would love to travel to. Here are some favorites as of today. Also,I do have some on my Blog list of inspiration on my sidebar. Check those out too :)
                          Vita in Swedish means white. Who doesn't like Nordic style and decor? So, while searching I noticed alot of Vita.Bring it on! Here's my list of three from Sweden.
     1. Vita Hemligheter
     2. LANTLIF
     3.Vita Ranunkler

       LANTLIF is a member of Pinterest. Her work is fabulous. I'm not sure if the other two bloggers are on Pinterest. Worth looking into when I have more time.
       Also, I noticed when I was blog hopping some foreign blogs don't have a google translate button. That is one reason why my blog contains one. My stats show that I have a significant amount of traffic from other countries. Don't get me wrong I enjoy the daily dose of inspiration. I don't judge foreign blogs who don't have one but, for us Americans it's something to think about.
        It's a rainy day. The thrift shop is on my mind! Hm? Have a great Saturday everyone. Maybe it should be a Vita kind of Day :)

                                                                xxx  Liz

PS.  I must make a correction.
LANTLIF is not a member of Pinterest. Anette's work has been pinned ;)


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

The translate button is a great idea, Liz! I need to do that!

Burlap Luxe said...

Foreign Doses Of Inspiration!! I love this title to this post, and like wise I too am a big fan of trotting over to the sites that just do it so right in as much as what they do moves me to almost want to cry :)

I am taken with the soul they put into their vignettes and how a mechanics light become a wall sconce, you know those mechanics lamps that hung from the hood of the car when working on it? The ones with those old wire really old wire cages, I have seen one hanging from a wallhook on the wall nest to a reading chair with a ladder behind it, I so wish I had my grandfathers on my mom side he had several of these and knowone thought to keep them, did we even think that they would be the NORDIC thing to DO?? I guess not!

Liz I am with you girl on losing myself in those European blogs and our Nordic friends.
Have you Noticed that I have been influenced with this style for years with the blend of my washed pale greys and whites and lots of tin :)

Thank you thank you for posting a beautiful post.
Thanking you for your beautiful support to my postings and visits that bring a smile to my face when I see your beautiful face.

Pam said...

I don't always use the translate button on a blog. I like to look at the foreign words and try to imagine what they are saying by just looking at the photos. I never thought of it before, but I guess I'm missing out on their writing though.

"Hemmet är min vrå" said...

Kul att kika in hos dig, jätteinspirerande blogg. Kram Mimmi

Vita Hemligheter said...

Thank you for your kind words:)I´m glad you like my blog, you made me find yours and you have a really nice blog to:)
I linkt to you in one of my posts.
Have a nice day!
Kram Emma

Anonymous said...

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