Hyacinths, Crates and Corn::

                   Another holiday over. I hope your Easter was great! It's funny how you cook for hours and it's over in just a few minutes. Good review from my Son - In - Law who had many helpings of my corn casserole. They say you shouldn't try new recipes for the first time during holiday's or guests. Does family count? The corn casserole recipe was from pinterest. In case you want to try.  link: penniesonaplatter.com
                                                   Pic via penniesonaplatter.com

                          I listed some weekend finds in etsy this morning..
 Crates, crates and more crates are loaded in my car. I'll keep you posted as to my plan for them as the end of the month comes to an end. It's very exciting!
       Oh, before I forget. There is still time to enter the Giveaway for Folk magazine. Giveaway ends midnight tonight! Remember, you must preview Folk first then, comment. The link is right there... (Folk Magazine post below) Good luck!
     Yes, I've been busy. Aren't we always?
                                                                              xxx Liz



Ana said...

Didn't Easter come and go way too fast? Anyway, that corn casserole looks yummy...and your Hyacinths is just beautiful. Wishing you a wonderful new week my dear friend.

Hugs and Kisses,

Pam said...

Corn casserole is my favorite holiday food. Forget the ham, I want the corn. That recipe is how I made mine this year, except without the cheese. It is a running conversation in our family over how my Mother used to make her corn casserole. No one has the actual recipe, so every year we try out new ones and they are never EXACTLY like Mom's was. I swear, she put cracker crumbs in it, but I sort of liked the Jiffy corn bread mix this year.

Susan S. said...

I LOVE all your vintage things....you got a good eye! Happy Spring Ya'll from Houston, TX

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Great finds, Liz...and that corn casserole looks delicious!

Tricia said...

What great finds, Liz! I don't think I've ever heard of corn casserole before...sounds good though :)