Bad Seed Cider Makes It's Debut::

                   On Saturday, Bad Seed Cider made it's debut at Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn, NY. Owners: Devin Britton and Albert Wilklow worked collaboratively together in making a dream into a reality. With Albert's farming know how and Devin's flair for food. I knew these guys weren't just shooting the breeze. They were serious on making cider locally with apples grown in the historic Hudson Valley. Finally after all their hard work, Bad Seed Cider is ready for the taking.

              Somethings are better when you start small. For now, the guys are making cider in these varieties: Belgian Witte Cider, Dry Hard Cider, Raspberry Cider, India Pale Cider, Belgian Abbey Cider.

            .... and rumor of Blueberry coming soon!

             When I asked Devin, who by the way is my Son- In- Law. What the philosophy of Bad Seed Cider is he replied, "I would have to think about that." Right now, they are just enjoying making hard cider and having fun doing it.
             Interested in learning more about Bad Seed Cider Co.
LIKE Them on FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/Badseedcider
            To Purchase Bad Seed Cider:
            Stop by Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn, NY. Bad Seed Cider is located at the entrance of the park.
             Every  Saturday from: 8-4pm

       Congratulations to Devin and Albert. Much success to you both in your new venture. Just think it all started with a tiny seed... cheers! 

                           Have a great week everyone!

                                                                   We'll chat soon,

                                                                            Liz  ;) 


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Pam said...

How fun! Good luck to the guys on their new venture!