Meet Mabel::

             Sometimes we meet people in passing. Let me introduce you to Ms. Mabel Naft Wood from Tarrytown, NY. She was a Writer who was born on Feb.10,1899.
        Part of Mabel's belongings were at the flea for sale. Along with, her suitcase, 2 passports, immunization record and an invitation to a agricultural picnic in Dutchess County, NY. She traveled to the United Kingdom and France. Not a frequent traveler but, all the same very interesting.
         The invite didn't belong to Mabel. Dated from 1894 and addressed to a Etta Woodruff who lived in New York. I wonder if she knew Mabel? Maybe a relative? One will never know... will we? Did you see the price of the ticket was one dollar? Must of been alot of money for 1894. I think ephemera is so fascinating, not to mention black and white photography from the 19th century. It gives me goose bumps.. you too?
         My computer is working so, so. Blogger is slow and etsy will not let me upload my photos I took today. Very, very frustrating. Yeah, guess somethings just have to wait. What are you up to?
                                 Happy Memorial Day :)
                                                                                     xxx Liz


Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Mabel had gorgeous eyes! Such an interesting find...love ephemera too!
Family has all gone...now just clean up and happy memories! :)

Pam said...

I get goose bumps too! And I also think what someone will think of me 100 years from now when they find my wedding photo or something of mine at a flea market. As much as I love to think my extended family will cherish every little thing about me, I bet they sell it in a heartbeat. Maybe Google will still be around and people will find out all about me.

Melissa said...


It's probably not your computer acting up. I had the exact issues with blogger and etsy a month or so back. I switched to use Google Chrome instead of my trusty Internet Explorer. Haven't had any problems since then. And... I'm kinda liking Chrome.

Hope this helps,

Ana said...

Hey Ms. Liz,
Sorry you've been having computer problems....Hope everything gets straighten out soon. Anyway, love ephemera too. Isn't it awesome what one can find at a flea market? Great find. Hope you had a wonderful long weekend. Sending you lots of hugs.

Much love,