Random Stuff::

      I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Saturday morning, I went thrifting at a new thrift shop in my hamlet. Here's a look at the shop banner. I thought the handmade sign was very original. Great idea ladies of Heaven Cent Thrift Shop. Thanks for the free sifter!
     On my way home, I stopped at a yard sale. Wouldn't you know I bumped into a follower of my blog. Boy, it's a small world and to think I've been to her yard sales before. Cheri, it was nice meeting you.. You are very sweet ;)
     Recently, I was asked to participate in a community board about pincushions on Pinterest. What fun! If you follow my boards on Pinterest you'll access "A Passion For Pincushions"  quite easily. I forgot how many pincushions to date are pinned. Check it out if you have a few :)
     Just in case you didn't know.. Someone asked if I'm on Twitter. Yes, I do Tweet from time to time. Thanks for asking!
 ... and last but not least. I added word verification for comments on my blog. I'm sorry, I really didn't want to. I've had so much spam lately it was out of my control. I hope this doesn't in any way stop you from making a comment. I love what you have to say and thanks for taking time to say it!

                                                        Have a great week!
                                                                 xxx Liz


Blessed Serendipity said...

That is such a cute thrift store banner. It would of gotten my attention too. It seems that more and more blogs are adding this word verification with the scrambled numbers and letters. I can't say that I love leaving comments on blogs that have that. My eyes are old and sometimes it takes me a couple of trys to get the code right. Hope you have a great week.


cathy said...

The banner is so clever!! I have really enjoyed looking at your photos of randomness!!

She Uses Her Words said...

I love the thrift shop banner! I would definitely go in there. Thanks for the tip on A Passion for Pin Cushions.
Take care, Karen