A Weakness For Flea Market Finds::

I have a weakness for linens... especially ones with crochet borders. Yesterday's flea had boxes full of doilies, pillowcases and flour sacks. They were my first finds of the morning ;) As I was rummaging through the three huge boxes with another woman. She was kind enough to give me her pillowcases. Sometimes, we just have to walk away... indeed she did. Confessing she didn't need anymore for her collection. I thanked her and began the process of hunting for more. My weakness began to show. Like I needed more?? She, then handed me a box and asked the question. " Have you ever been here before?" I was silent... thinking to myself... ever been is an understatement. "Yes" I, replied. "Well you need a box!" she said. lol! Why, I was only carrying massive amounts of linens. It was like laundry day in the Hanley household. Was it noticeable? I was just hoarding the good stuff. As if ,someone would come any minute and take it from me. It was mine... all mine. Can you tell it's serious business at the flea I tell you. So, thanks to the woman who gave her linens to me. The silent type. If only she knew, I'm a frequent flyer at the flea. Aren't YOU?
       Just a FYI ,I'll be taking a blogging break. Spending some time with my Mom and my Daughter. I'll be back with new inspiration and lots of great info to share.
 Again, you can catch me on Instagram. Or, twitter from my iPhone if I have some time on my hands.
       The summer isn't over yet for me. It's only begun.. enjoy the rest of your summer. See you soon :)
                                                                   xxx Liz


cathywhatisoldisnew said...

You found lovely linens Liz. I have a horrible time walking away from a table of linen goodness. Enjoy your time away.

Marilou Bain said...

Wonderful stash of linens Liz, I would not be able to walk away either, enjoy your blogging break:) See ya soon. Hugs Marilou

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Terrific finds! Love all those linens and I definitely share your passion. Have a wonderful time with your Mom and daughter! :)

Ana said...

What is it about thiese beautiful vintage linens that just draw us in? Love them and love your pics. Enjoy your time with your mom and daughter. See you when you come back.
Have a wonderful rest of the summer.

Hugs and Kissea,

Into Vintage said...

I am also a crocehted-edge linen lover and bring them home in massive quantities so I can sit & stare at them. It hard to imagine all the work that went into them so I feel I must rescue them. Glad to know you do the same! :-)

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Great finds Liz ~ enjoy your break!

Pam said...

Awesome linen loveliness. Have fun on your blogging break.

Curtains in My Tree said...

I love knowing my blog acquaintances are hoarders just like me when it comes to vintage linens I have them draped over chairs windows, ottomans in my studio on shelves

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Oh I am a hoarder of all vintage lines, buttons, pyrex, lace, rhinestones, books, rose dishes on and on LOL

enjoy your time away from us , see you when your back