Loving This Season Called Autumn::

      Autumn is here... and I can't believe this month is almost gone like the wind. My bucket list since I've been home has gotten bigger. Today's weather was promising so besides the usual, I accomplished a lot. I wish I had some finds to show you from the estate sale this morning but, lately  prices at these sales have been sky high. No loot to show :( 
     So, cleaning windows and screens at my house was my chore for today besides the laundry pile and dust bunnies.
     It's raining like cats and dogs now, here in NY. I'm hoping to go apple picking in the morning if the weather is decent.
     Besides the everyday stuff. Have you been to Stampington lately? Check out the upcoming Winter issue preview of Artful Blogging. You might see someone you know who, will be featured in the November/ Winter 2013 issue. Can you guess who? Yes, it's not a secret anymore.
     You still have time to pre- order copies but, time is running out. Ck. out stampington.com for details. Do you have any news? Fill me in!
                                                                           xxx Liz


Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Love the glimpse of water cans on the steps & the hint of you in the upcoming issue.....
Enjoy these days!

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Hi Liz,
Congrats on the Artful Blogging article...I will be sure to get a copy! Love autumn too...looking forward to all the color and cool air. Chat soon...L