swan hollow doll repair::

This spring.. I had a wonderful opportunity to sit with Felicia Casey and talk about her business: Swan Hollow Doll Repair. We hit it off right from the start, who knew we had a lot in common. Felicia gave me a grand tour of her spacious home where it's apparent she loves to restore dolls as much as she loves to collect them. Felicia's story was ever so humbling as she spoke about her Mother and families poor roots in West Virginia. The oldest of seven children, Felicia learned from her Mother how to be a fixer and took value in doing so. Felicia now married is an Artist, Mother and Wife to a wonderful husband who supports her work. She would eventually, combine her knowledge of color,paints, clay and apply it to dolls. This would all come into play when a co-worker asked her if she knew anyone who could repair an ethnic doll in poor shape. She then volunteered, not knowing what the future would bring. Researching on the web, Felicia realized there was little if not any resources at hand. Going back to what she learned as a child, she utilized her savvy sense and applied her artsy background and went to work. She then put an ad in the local, weekly newspaper for her business. Low and behold, the phone started to ring. Felicia talked about current projects she had waiting for her and completed finalized works. It was very evident that Felicia Casey puts her heart and soul in each doll she repairs. She could reconstruct pushed in eyes, stop the aging process, paint, plaster and strengthen. Making almost any doll "look good" on a shelf when they leave her workshop. Felicia works on porcelain dolls, composition dolls from 1930's thru 1950's mostly baby dolls. She too repairs stuffed animals on occasion. Felicia a member of the UFDC ( United Federation of Dolls) finds a gem of a life in each doll she touches. Before leaving to go home Felicia, she gave me a tour of her workspace. She shared her vast collection of doll parts, doll clothing and random items used to restore. One suitcase at a time, she was eager to share her experiences and photographs of her work. A true testament in making an old cherished doll or stuffed animal look lovely again once more. I left with a heavy heart that spring day. Excited to share her story with everyone I knew. Felicia Casey is truly dedicated to her work and a inspiration to us all. If you have a doll that needs restoration or just some TLC Felicia's link is listed below.
For more information about Felicia Casey and her work visit: www.feliciacasey.com
Email: feliciacasey@gmail.com

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