the flower song::

DIY flower press:
"Le Parlate D'Amor," meaning the flower song inspired me during the spring months. My husband found the remains of a perfect butterfly on our lawn which he gave me as a little gift. Afterwards, in a book it went for safe keeping.Wouldn't you know I started thinking about standard flower presses. I watched plenty of You tube videos, did my homework and even thought of using the phone book one point in time too. Having a broken crate on hand, I figured they could be cut down to size like a standard flower press. I think you've seen them before. Do you own one? Back to the drawing board, I decided not to cut the crate boards. After all, I would have more room for loads of wildflowers or specimens. Then, the process began. In the springtime,wildflowers are abundant I then began harvesting different varieties on my road where I live. So did sorting, pressing and sorting. The more I gathered, the more I became anxious to find more.. I sang the flower song! Here's a simple "How To" if you are so inclined to make one. FYI, I sometimes get a little carried away {below} a happy color story between snapshots.

  1. one crate or thin wood scraps

   2. wax paper

  3. wildflowers of different varieties

  4. stamps/stamp pad to apply words, phrases

  5. 1 belt for closure or ribbon to tie

  6. cardboard

Please note: my thoughts here were to reuse, recycle and re purpose items I already had. You can also shop at your local thrift shop, flea or garage sale to find your wood supply before making a trip to the hardware store or lumber yard.

 TAKE 2 pieces of crate boards and cut them in equal widths and lengths. Cut several pieces of cardboard same size. Measure and cut wax paper. Fold over like a book same size as wood and cardboard. In multiple layers layout wood, cardboard, wax paper.. and so on. Add wildflowers that you have gathered cut to any size you wish. Put inside your wax paper booklet. Put on top of cardboard. So, you'll end up with layers of flowers to be dried. Add a closure. I added a leather belt that I purchased at the flea for $1.00. Add some weights directly on top of your project.Look in your pantry for heavy weighted large can goods like crushed tomatoes. They come in handy. The process takes 2 days to dry. Use for different uses, crafts, stationary, art work and mixed media.

If you have any questions shoot me a email..I'm still collecting wildflowers on the roadside to dry. If you're not ready to tackle this project right now, wildflowers make for a lovely centerpiece for your home. Enjoy your weekend, enjoy the simple pleasures that nature has to offer.

                         all because he gave me a butterfly...
                                                                        xoxo Liz


Sarah Krouse said...

hi liz. i love that i found your blog + would love to follow; however, i can't seem to find your follow button. am i missing something? i also attempted to email a message to you rather than to comment, but it says your email is invalid. would love to follow if you could advise me on how to do so. thanks so much!

LizlovesVintage said...

Hi Sarah,
I no longer have a Follow Button. No, you're not missing anything. I just checked my Email, try again. Sorry you had some trouble there. Soon, I'll be adding email, fb, and other social media buttons to my blog. Thanks for stopping by.. xo Liz

Holly Shaw said...

So beautful and inspiring. Will have to try the tutorial.