drying hydrangeas::

I may be a little late but, have you seen the hydrangeas lately? My dear friend gave me permission to cut some blooms for drying. I love how the petals take on a vintage look don't you?
Here's some tidbits on how to dry hydrangeas:
Leave blooms on the shrub till late summer
~ Cut blooms, strip off leaves
~ I shake them to make sure bugs fall off if any
~ Arrange them with or without water in a vase till they dry
~ You can gather a bunch of blooms and hang upside down but, you can get the same results by just putting them in a vase to dry (I've tried both methods)
Dried hydrangeas add charm to any decor. Enjoy your hydrangeas this time of year. Have a great weekend!

                                                                                 xo Liz

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Curtains in My Tree said...

my favorite flower to dry ,Hydrangeas and I have several around the studio
I wish I knew how to keep them from shedding when I move them in their vases after they dry
I tried spraying them with spay glue however they still fall off
and I tried hair spray