you can find me in the garden::

I envy gardeners, farmer types who can grow anything from a tiny seed. Like myself and many others this year is the year.. I'm giving gardening a whirl.
With a little help from the Mr. this project started from the ground up with a make do lumber pile we had on hand ready to roll. Soil with nutrients was purchased in a nearby garden center, fencing was purchased from a junker for $15 bucks huge savings here. Admire the vintage gate? That was a freebie.. yup free! If you follow me on Instagram you can view the #gardendiary and it's progress. Wishing now, I created a mini tutorial on all supplies needed and all measurements so you too can create a veggie garden from scratch. There is so much information out on the web you should do just fine. Try re-purposing materials first it will save you in your pocketbook in the long run. As far as planting goes we've had a spring frost thus far so, my estimated planting and transplanting of my herbs/veggies/flowers will be Memorial Day weekend. It's been a crazy spring weather wise, thank goodness I waited to plant.
I've learned so far having clear cut plans and appropriate tools makes a job a lot easier. Also, garden location is another subject my husband and I rubbed heads several times. He wanted more shade, I wanted full sun. Thinking now, I just want leafy fresh lettuce and basil for pesto. Silly, ha? By the way.. full sun won out in the end!
Like a kid in a candy store, I wanted to purchase every seed packet available to mankind. Eeek, we're just talking about a little garden 10x10 space nothing more. It's very exciting why did I wait so long? Hope your garden is magical this spring. Please do share any gardening trials and triumphs. Thanks for stopping!

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