Barn Window

Front Door
I saw signs for a Barn Sale today. I'm always happy to see them these days. Well,
when I pulled in the driveway.... I thought I was in HEAVEN! Huge trees leading the way to a stone home. I had to take a breath and Sigh. I was greeted by a Woman and her dog. In conversation I learned.The home was built in 1930 by a French, Canadian Man. In 1940, The Home was purchased by Amy's Dad. That's how old those trees are. Can you believe that.I think I was more interested in the home, more so than the Barn Sale.I asked Amy if I could take some pictures and she of course said YES. She must of thought I was crazy. I believe, I also told her I loved her home and asked her if it was for sale!Flowers( ivy, perennials, annuals.) By now, feeling as if I was in an English countryside waiting to be served some tea. Anyway, Amy was a sweetheart. She told me she rather be gardening than anything else.I did buy a Vintage baby book at the Barn sale and petted her dog goodbye. Thanks Amy, for sharing your diamond in the rough.I hope you enjoy your gardening in the country.I'll be back again one day! Hugs, Liz

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