Antiques at Fanny's

See the birdie!

I really didn't accomplish anything at all today.I guess it's OK, since I'm on vaca! I really shouldn't say that at all. Spent some time with my Hubby out and about.He had a errand to run. So, I found myself in his truck on the way to Patterson, NY.If you just started reading the Blog. I love Vintage! So you know where I had to stop? Yup! The Antique shop. Fanny Doolittle had alittle bit of everything, including jewelery.Jam packed from floor to ceiling with goods, new and old. After Fanny's, we went out for lunch.He was such a sport! The thrift shop on the way home was a last stop.I purchased a HP printer for $5.00. It works great! I'm really ecstatic about scanning my vintage postcards for you to see. Can't wait till then.We installed the hardware this evening. Won't be long and I'll be scanning everything in sight. Here are some pics of the day. Hugs, Liz

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Funky Junk Antique Show said...

This looks like my kind of store!! So glad you got to go there...loved all of the pics!