Bee My Honey

On Saturday, August 21 is National Honeybee Health Awareness Day. Stock up on some for your pantry. So good for allergies and your immune system. My Mom sends me honey from Florida every year. Orange Blossom honey is simply deli sh.In tea or yogurt. Yum! But, when I'm out local Honey is good too.Did you know there is a Honey Board? They began in the mid 80's,spreading the wonderful word about Honey. Go to www.honey.com for more interesting advances and recipes. On a different note, I'll be taking a break from the Web. So, I'm not participating on PINK Sat. this week.I'm sure it will be great. I will miss everyone! Talk to you next week. Hope my info. was interesting. Hugs, Liz

Pic: Burts Bees

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