Brook Farm and The Farm Chicks

It's raining here in NY. What a great day to experiment with some new recipes. I purchased my copy of The Farm Chicks Cookbook,"In The Kitchen." Let the cooking begin!First order of business is to wash and organize the veggies I gathered from Brook Farm in Gardiner, NY. A big Thank You to Dina And Jack for sharing their love of this Farm with me and my family.Kale, tomatoes, parsley, beans, zinnias, squash were for distribution.May I point out, "Don't squeeze the tomatoes!" I did, OOpps! Anyway, it was fun and the scenery was gorgeous.What better way to spend a Saturday, on a working Farm.Baa, Baa.. I didn't see sheep. I wonder? Ok, have some work ahead of me. Have a great week. Hugs, Liz

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