Estate Sale On A Farm

A phone call yesterday morning from my girlfriend and it was off to an estate sale.Yes, that's all it takes.I just hear those words, "Estate Sale" I'm in my car! The site for the sale was on a farm. Nestled all the way off the road on farmland surrounded by aged barns and apple trees. So sweet and country like. Everything inside the home was old. I wish we had arrived a week ago but, we still found some finds anyway.If you collected books you were in for a treat. I purchased an old picture and Xmas ornaments.I was thinking of hanging the portrait in the office? Hm? OK, enjoy the pics. Laundry Land is calling me. Have a awesome week ahead.
Hugs, Liz

PS. The lighting is terrible this am. I'll post pics of my finds at a later date! Also, a Big thanks to Beverly for hosting Pink Saturday yesterday. It was nice to meet new Bloggers!

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