Lace Lovelies

I simply love lace. Here is a pic of my finds from the Flea from Saturday. Minus the doll. I found her on Sunday, with my Hubby.
Here is what I purchased:
Draped over the chair is a piece of lace.Homeowners used to adorn the bottom of a bed with these. A few lace doilies, A white tablecloth, Vintage baby pillowcase, A old wooden shoe. My finds also included twin size sheets. I figured you wouldn't want to see those. A few Dick and Jane greeting cards. Remember Dick and Jane from school?
Now, to wash everything and hang to dry. Hand washing is best, when it comes to aged lace. I love the old patina.That's what I look for when searching for these lovelies. Time, worn elegance.A gift from the past.

Have a wonderful week. Talk to you soon! xxx Liz

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