Leaf Collage

                                      October gave a party;
                                         The leaves by hundreds came:
                                      The ashes, oaks, and maples,
                                      .......... And those of every name.

                                                 George Cooper
                                             ( 1838- 1927)
                           Hope this makes you Smile! I had to take a pic of the random leaves as they had fallen to the ground. Thus, a leaf collage was created. No help from me. Mother Nature just doing what she knows best, Art. Yeah, you know what I need to do at my home. Start raking! Enjoy your week, everyone!
                                                                                            Hugs, Liz

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Vicki said...

What a great shot, Liz! I miss those colored leaves. I grew up in Maryland but have been living in Florida the past 16 years. The only thing I miss is fall! Thanks for sharing a bit with me.