Walkway Over The Hudson

Picture of Mid Hudson Bridge taken from Walkway Bridge
The night sky, beautiful
Sorry, It became dark. The Trees in all their glory
               Yesterday evening, we took a brisk walk.My Daughter, friend Kathy and I decided to walk over the Walkway over the Hudson. It was very short, but just enough to energize  and regenerate the soul. I love it up there! It feels so surreal .I don't know if you know or  heard much facts about, The Walkway Over The Hudson. This railroad bridge was chartered in 1871. After decades of neglect and a fire the bridge deteriorated.  With endless Community support and board members in place. A  new Walkway was born in 2009, connecting Poughkeepsie and the town of Lloyd.
              This now State Park is right in my backyard. Here are some pics! Enjoy the scenery. It really is a diamond in the rough. To me anyway. Have a great weekend. Enjoy what your State Park has to offer.
                                                                                                       Hugs, Liz


Claudia said...

Hi Liz! What gorgeous photos - you are so lucky it is close by. We were going to finally take a walk across the Hudson this week, but then I threw my darned back out! So it will have to wait a while. It is such a treasure, isn't it?


LizlovesVintage said...

Hi Claudia!
Sorry about your back. Get well! Yes, It's a treasure.Hugs, Liz