My Fortune Cookie

          We had Chinese take out last night. Yes, it was very good. Anyway, my fortune cookie read:

                   You don't have to be perfect to fulfill your dream.

           I glanced at it and thought.. Wow, is someone really watching?  Because, this is so true.
           What am I waiting for? Why am I hesitating? It doesn't have to be perfect. Take that next leap.
           Again, I looked at my fortune cookie and laughed. Yeah, I know what I want to do. Ugh, pressure
           to be perfect and not make any mistakes.If only I had Harold's purple crayon.That would
           make life easier.I think! Dreaming is good. For now, Follow yours.
                          I'll get back to you if I follow mine :)

                                                                 Hugs, Liz



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