Getting Back To Basics::

 I found these  recipes on the web. Interesting how our ancestors before us made everything from scratch. Now, there is a sudden  movement to get back to basics. I think it's a wonderful idea! Not so sure if it's cost effective though. I wish I could give you more feedback on making laundry soap and all purpose cleaner. The recipes are  here if you want to give it a try. I'm sure your home will smell heavenly.

Simple Laundry Powder ::

16 cups baking soda

12 cups borax

8 cups grated castile or glycerin soap flakes*

3 tablespoons lavender, lemon or grapefruit essential oil

Combine baking soda, borax and soap flakes. Add essential oil and mix with a wire whisk. Use 1⁄8 cup per load.
* Soap flakes eg.( Dr. Bronner's) Grate with a kitchen grater.

Yield: This recipe makes enough powder to last a family of four one year.
Resource: http:// www.motherearthnews.com/

All Purpose Cleaner::

Equal parts of lemon juice and distilled white vinegar.
Add a few drops of Lavender essential oil.
Combine into a spray bottle.
* You can use store bought lemon juice.

 Resource: Lilies and Dandelions Blog

                                                                                                  Good Luck!


Anonymous said...

Love all the recipes and I'm seriously thinking about going all natural around here. This is a great start. Have fun today flea marketing!!! Take lots of pics!!!! huggers!!

Pam said...

Sounds interesting. I've never thought of making my own detergents, but it doesn't look hard. The spray cleaner looks like it will smell wonderful too.