It's That Time Of Year::

             Yes, Folks I'll be hitting the Flea this weekend. I'm doing the happy dance! For those who unlike me, who have  never been. I composed these 10 Things You Need To Know, When Hitting the Flea.

1. Have a list handy. Including measurements of furniture items and wish list.

2  Pack a  Flea market Survival Kit. Include:  a snack, tape measure, tissues, bags, toiletries, map if needed , sunscreen for the warm weather, sun glasses, bottled water, first aide kit, hand sanitizer.

3. Bring small dollar bills $$$. Sorry, they usually don't take credit cards.

4. Don't carry a handbag! I wear a small shoulder- sling. Easy to grab and lightweight.

5. Wear comfy shoes. Oh my, I once saw a woman walking through fields in stilettos, ouch!!

6. Bring a shopping cart. It makes life so much easier. Unless you want to make countless trips to the car. Not me!

7.If you can, arrive early for the best choices. Some Fleas charge more $ at the gate,when arriving early. It's all up to you! Check out admission rates prior to arrival.

8.Take your time and concentrate. If you really LOVE it, BUY it!!  I have in the past gone back to purchase an item and it was sold. Bye, Bye. Needles to say, trying to remember where that field or booth was located.

9.Early to bed, Early to Rise, Makes a Man / Woman  Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. So True !! You will be walking, walking , walking. Get a good nights rest.

10.Lastly,  have a great time. Take it all in. The people, the weather, the hidden treasures you will find.

        PS. Before I forget!! BE A Haggler. Haggle for the best price. Hey, it's worth a shot. I never pay full price for a item. The vendor can always say, "No".

                                 Hope this helps you on your Flea Market Travels. Have a great week everyone!

                                                                                                                 Liz  ;)


June said...

Such a great list of to dos. We don't have many fleas in Idaho, but I love to go to the few we have.
Thank you so much for your visit Liz...It is so nice to meet you.

Tricia @ Vintage No. 35 said...

Love the post! Everything is so true when you go to a flea market that is held outside. I cannot wait to get to one this Spring!

Funky Junk Antique Show said...

Love this!! Can't wait to get going=)!!

My Vintage Studio said...

Thank you for your great list.
We don't have many flea markets in our area...so lucky you!
Wishing you a wonderful week!
Hugs, Sharon

Middleburg said...

Great tips Luv the hand sanitizer!

Couple more I follow-- don't wear your best clothes or be to well put together, they can smell the money. Also leave all your rings and jewelry at home. I had one vendor a couple of years ago say " you can afford it look at that ring your wearing" LOL -- But I agree it is so much fun!