Pretty In Pink::

A new week.... a new beginning.
As summer returns, so does my pink peonies. So luscious and healthy. Not bad for a black thumb gardener like me! Oh, minus bugs and food this year. Oops! I never realized peonies have so many good properties and can be used in several ways.
         Have you ever made Peony Water?
                    Here is the recipe:
Place 1/2 cup of fresh macerated peony petals in 1 cup cold water in a Pyrex pot. Let steep for 30 min. Then, heat it gently for 10 min. Remove pan from heat and strain petals. Refrigerate water and use within 1 week as a face and body refresher. Enjoy!
                                         Have a great week ahead.
                                                                   Liz :)


Jane said...

I have never made Peony water before. Seems like a great use for peony petals! Thanks for the info.

A Cottage Muse said...

What a beautiful photo! I always leave here smiling!

Linda said...

Such a lovely photo, Liz! Wish I had some peonies growing! Love your finds in your last post, too!